9320 Lackland Rd., Overland, MO
Deal Type:
Net Lease
Cap Rate:
Current Rent:
Lease Type:
Triple Net
Lease Term:
15 years
Landlord Responsibilities:
Renewal Options:
12, 5-year options
Building Sq. Ft.:
15,120 SF
Rent Increases:
5% every 5 years including options
Site Size:
1.76 Acres

Investment Highlights

  • Commitment: Walgreens has a 20+ year operating history at the site and is signing a new 15-year absolute NNN lease with 5% rent increases showing their commitment to the location.
  • High Performing Store: Walgreens reports $3.7mm in sales at this location indicating their profitability at this location.
  • Investment Grade Credit: Walgreens is rated BBB by S&P providing long term security.
  • Hard Corner: Large, 1.76 acre parcel situated at a signalized hard corner provides ease of access for customers.
  • Proximate to Interstate Hwy: Walgreens benefits from being within a 5 minute drive to two nearby I-170 (62,745 VPD) interchanges.
  • St. Louis MSA: Dense St. Louis MSA location with over 101,000 people and an avg. household income of $86,550 within 3 miles of the site.

Listing Agents

Graham Gold

Vice President
314 324 8792
[email protected]

Jordan Shtulman

Managing Principal
847 226 4133
[email protected]
Danny Karbowski Stream Capital Partners

Danny Karbowski

630 842 1127
[email protected]

Broker of Record: Ann Gold, Lic. #2013035473

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