Jack’s Family Restaurants

210 Marie Road, Albany, GA
Deal Type:
Sale Leaseback
Cap Rate:
Current Rent:
Lease Type:
Triple Net
Landlord Responsibilities:
Renewal Options:
4, 5-year options
Building Sq. Ft.:
Rent Increases:
10% every 5 years

Investment Highlights

  • Corporately guaranteed by all 250+ Jack’s locations
  • “Built-in” credit enhancement – Jack’s is growing by approximately 20 new locations per year
  • Extremely conservative rent to sales ratio
  • Brand new, high quality construction
  • Ideally situated along Clark Avenue, seeing more than 22,600 vpd
  • Stable and viable market with a population of over 44,000 residents within a 5-mile radius
  • Strong local presence from other name brand tenants such as O’Reilly, Waffle House, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, etc.

Listing Agents

Adam English

Managing Director
256 694 9803
[email protected]

Adam Baxter

Vice President
205 394 3520
[email protected]

Georgia Broker of Record: Dean Copans, Lic: #430314

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